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HHSC Reports Exceptionally Positive Results from a Quality of Assisted Living Study

In 2021 the Texas Legislature instructed the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to survey Assisted Living communities in the state of Texas and evaluate the quality care and services. The study was conducted in 2022 through a partnership between the HHSC and the University of Texas (UT) at Austin’s Center for Excellence in Aging Services and Long-term Care. Researchers conducted hundreds of on-site visits, interviewed staff, met with residents, and sent out hundreds of questionnaires with over 150 questions. The impact of the HHSC and UT Austin study is [...]

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Leadership That Waltzes with Assisted Living – by Ty Jones

Ty Jones hosted the Leadership Intensive at the TALA 2024 Annual Conference and Industry Expo.   First, let me say thank you to Diana, the TALA Board of Directors, and our 2024 leadership intensive sponsor LifeWell Senior Living. It was an honor to conduct the three-hour Leadership Intensive workshop at the 2024 TALA Leadership Conference. A special thanks to all the session attendees for their unselfish and proactive participation throughout the entire duration of the workshop. Collectively, as a group, we dared to do something different and rare at a conference: [...]

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Highlights from 2024 Annual TALA Conference and Industry Expo

TALA’s signature event is the Annual Conference and Industry Expo, typically held each spring. The TALA Conference and Industry Expo brings together professionals from across the state of Texas to learn, network, and grow. The 2024 Conference featured a loaded schedule with industry experts, Nursing, Dementia, and Leadership tracks, Hero awards, an Olympian, and more. Here are a few highlights. TALA 2024 began at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort with a packed day of engaging nursing track sessions and a leadership intensive presented by a TALA favorite, Ty Jones. [...]

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Transparency in Leadership

This article is the fifth of a five-part series Become a Great Senior Living Leader by the TALA Workforce Development Committee.  Leading with transparency has multiple benefits to an organization and its people. Transparency is often thought to refer to something that is permeable or see though. When it comes to leadership, transparency refers more to integrity, being open and honest. While it is understood that not every aspect of a business can be shared in its totality (i.e. we don’t share our entire profit and loss statement or internal [...]

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Consistency in Leadership

This article is the fourth of a five-part series Become a Great Senior Living Leader by the TALA Workforce Development Committee. Stay tuned each week for the next in the series.   There are multiple traits that make a successful leader in Senior Living: high emotional intelligence, integrity, respect, self-awareness, communication. One trait that is also key in moving the needle in your business is consistency. What Are the Benefits of Leading with Consistency? Leading with consistency means that a leader builds a sense of security with both their team and the [...]

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Self-Differentiation & Why It’s Important in Work Relationships

This article is the third of a five-part series Become a Great Senior Living Leader by the TALA Workforce Development Committee. Stay tuned each week for the next in the series.   Differentiation of self is a psychological state in which someone can maintain their sense of self, identity, thoughts, and emotions when emotionally or physically close with others, particularly within intense relationships. What Is Differentiation of Self?  Differentiation of self means separating personal feelings and thoughts from those of co-workers, friends, or other networks. Doing so may sound simple, but this ability [...]

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