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Recruiting with the Sales Process Works!

In TALA’s February Blog, the recruiting question was asked, "Is the answer in senior living sales strategies?” On March 8, 2022 a Senior Housing News article, ‘Sales People Could Recruit’: Juniper, The Springs Living Harness Sales Processes, Talent to Confront Labor Crunch, by Tim Regan and featuring TALA Member, Lynn Katzmann of Juniper Communities, the question was answered with a resounding YES!  The article describes the industry challenges to recruit and hire staff at the start of the pandemic. As salespeople were on pause to move residents in, Juniper realized [...]

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Recruitment in 2022 – A Race To Win Candidates

Today’s job market is forcing Senior Living operators to rethink response times to applicants. Is the answer in senior living sales strategies? 2021 presented the industry with the most challenging recruitment environment in the history of assisted living. Providers have adapted to pandemic level staffing as if it is a new normal.  The hopes of workers returning to pre pandemic times, which was not so great before, is long gone. The Great Resignation has affected senior living as many workers have stopped working for various reasons shrinking the applicant pool [...]

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Early Retirement Impacts On The Labor Pool

A large majority who have left the workforce are older Americans. Can senior living operators tap into this pool of potential future job seekers? Individuals have left the workforce for a myriad of reasons since the start of the pandemic. Some due to layoff, health concerns, child care, or any number of other personal reasons. However, among those who have left and are not returning, no group is larger than older Americans who chose early retirement. Nearly 70% of the 5 million people who left the labor force during the [...]

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Leaders Feel Stress Too!

What support is available and how can leaders spread the word to staff? The December TALA Hour sponsored by Marsh & McLennan Agency highlighted the importance of identifying indicators of stress and the toll it takes on us all. Leaders feel stress too! is a topic to help leaders recognize the need for self care while also identifying signs of burnout in others.  Guest speaker Glenna Hecht, an accomplished speaker, trainer and certified HR Guru, points out the far too often reality where leaders are simply not aware of what [...]

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Attitude Of Gratitude

Do opportunities lie within a recruitment and retention strategy when viewed with an Attitude of Gratitude? As we head into the holidays, the time to reflect back with immense gratitude to all who serve in senior living is with greater meaning this year. The pandemic has lingered on with uncertainty and strain on communities and all those who support them. Yet, so many individuals continue day in and day out to show up with a positive attitude and serve.  Thank you!  Thank you all for your ongoing commitment, for the [...]

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TALA Survey Results: The Future Of Recruiting

Survey results share insights into the future path of recruiting The Future of Recruiting TALA Workforce Development Committee workgroup was tasked with surveying senior living professionals to compile a list of best recruitment platforms used in today’s environment along with best applicant engagement practices.  A survey was completed in July of 2021 with 78 senior living professional respondents. The survey revealed insights into the future path of recruiting. Over 80% of companies who responded are using job boards, such as Indeed, as their primary source of recruiting, with social media [...]

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