Welcome to the Texas Assisted Living Association

The Texas Assisted Living Association (TALA) is dedicated to advancing the Assisted Living industry primarily through advocacy, education, and workforce development.

  1. Advocacy – TALA gives Assisted Living communities the ability to have their interests represented before those who influence how Assisted Living communities operate in Texas. It ensures that laws and regulations that impact AL communities are fair and consistent.

  2. Education – TALA’s educational offerings are dedicated to raising the bar of operational quality in the industry as well as promoting best practices and knowledge that will enhance the care and well-being of residents. TALA develops courses specially required for those working in Assisted Living.

  3. Workforce Development – Through its workforce development initiatives TALA identifies labor challenges and develops tools to train and support AL staff and enhance professionalism in the industry.

TALA provides a forum to help consumers, physicians, financiers, elected officials, regulators, media, family members and others understand the options offered by assisted living. We know, as you do, that life in assisted living means freedom of choice, independence, security and an active, meaningful life. More and more families are choosing this compassionate and less-costly long term care alternative for their loved ones and themselves.

TALA members subscribe to a philosophy which offers cost-effective, safe, personalized and quality care; fosters resident independence and individuality; allows residents' choice of care and lifestyle; protects residents' rights to privacy; nurtures the spirit of residents with dignity and respect; and involves family, friends and the community.

TALA also puts on an annual conference and industry expo where attendees can earn CEUs, take leadership courses, learn about industry updates, network and discuss best practices.