TALA Advocacy Efforts

Legislative Work

TALA is committed to ensuring that the voice of Assisted Living is heard by state legislators at the Texas Capitol and by state regulators. TALA constantly monitors the political landscape for any potential changes that could possibly impact the Assisted Living industry and TALA actively champions Assisted Living in Texas through legislative initiatives.

During the 87th Legislative Session, TALA worked with key legislators to pass a pandemic-related limited liability shield for assisted living communities (Senate Bill 6), to close a background check loophole for new employees moving to Texas from another state (SB 271), and to defend against new mandates. In the most recent 88th Legislative Session in 2023, TALA was instrumental in supporting the passing of nursing grants and scholarships (Senate Bill 25 and Budget Rider 58) and legislation allowing the Attorney General to pursue medical staffing agencies for price gouging during a designated public health disaster (Senate Bill 401).

During the 88th Legislative session, TALA also provided input and impacted other legislation that will affect assisted living communities. To see what passed and what did not, please view the “Impactful Legislative Summary.”

Even though the Texas Legislature meets only once every two years, TALA’s advocacy efforts are constant. TALA regularly communicates and maintains relationships with several Texas state bodies whose governance impacts the Assisted Living industry, including the Health and Human Services Commission and their Long-Term Care Regulatory Division, the primary regulatory agency for Assisted Living in Texas. The Long-Term Care Regulatory division leads the development of regulations, publishes provider letters for clarification, and oversees on-site surveyors in regulated long-term care facilities.

TALA provides the Long-Term Care Regulatory staff with feedback on proposed changes and monitors communications from the Health and Human Services Commission for potential impact to TALA members and the Assisted Living industry.

TALA connects TALA provider members to several legislative resources. TALA is in regular communication with provider members regarding regulatory items. TALA has the unique ability to share this feedback with HHSC staff in the Long-Term Care Regulatory Division.

TALA monitors protocol updates related to the implementation of legislation. These protocol changes can have significant effects on community operations.

TALA frequently testifies before various legislative committees on issues that have some type of impact on the Assisted Living industry year-round.

TALA is often consulted as a Long-Term Care subject matter expert by legislators and their staff and regularly provides written feedback related to topics that might cause changes within the industry.

Make sure to read the monthly TALAView newsletter from TALA to stay up to date on the latest.


Get Involved! 

Legislator Visits

It is important for change makers at the Capitol to be informed about Assisted Living so that Assisted Living is considered as an important factor during decision making.

One impactful way that an Assisted Living community can make a difference is by hosting legislators and their staff to share the incredible work happening in Assisted Living and meaningful impacts that Assisted Living has on the lives of residents, their families, and staff.

Please contact TALA’s VP of Public Policy Carmen Tilton at [email protected] if you would like to host a legislator for a tour or invite them to an event at your community.

Advocacy Day

TALA hosts an Assisted Living Advocacy Day at the Austin Capitol for professionals from TALA Provider Members and Industry Partners to engage with Texas legislators on issues facing the Long-Term Care industry. These conversations often are the beginning of understanding what Assisted Living is for many, if not most, Capitol staffers. Establishing this foundational understanding of how the industry works and sparking these relationships now is critical in the months and years to come. TALA member professionals are encouraged to attend.


On the Regulatory Horizon

In recent years, responding to and preventing the spread of COVID-19 was the most pressing issue in the Assisted Living industry. As communities have moved from emergency response into longer-term mitigation and re-establishment of a new normalcy, TALA expects the Long-Term Care Regulatory division at HHSC to do the same. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has shifted its short-term focus away from Covid-19 to address related provider and resident concerns.

As part of the ongoing dialogue between TALA and the Long-Term Care Regulatory staff, TALA is privileged to know the focus of the HHSC and how AL providers can be sure to stay in compliance.

TALA will continue to send out proposed rule changes for feedback and general awareness through our monthly TALAView newsletter and member communications.