Does Texas have reciprocity, or I’m licensed or certified in another state do I have to take the Texas course or I’m a nursing home administrator?

Texas has a regulation (553.253 (a)(2)(B)) which allows a manager who can show documentation of a previously completed comparable course of study to be exempt from the 24-hour training requirements. Someone coming from another state can probably show that the 16 hours administrative overview is comparable.

Keep in mind that many of the rules in (a)(2) are specific to ALFs.  So, the ones that might be comparable would be “basic principles of management, food and nutrition services, federal laws, with an emphasis [...]

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How do I pay?

When you register online you can submit payment using your credit card. If you didn’t do it when you registered, you can pay by calling in a credit card or you can send a check.

Please make a check payable to Texas Assisted Living Association and mail to:

Texas Assisted Living Association

Attn: Diana Martinez

4505 Spicewood Springs Rd., Suite 350

Austin, TX 78759

To make a payment by credit card, please call Naomi Ball at 512-653-6604 [...]

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What do I do to maintain AL managers status if I run an Alzheimer Certified Unit? What CEUs do I need if I run a memory care unit?

In addition to the 12 hours of CEUs that all AL managers need you must have 6 hours of dementia care education.

553.301 Manager Qualifications and Training

(a) The manager of the certified Alzheimer's facility or the supervisor of the certified Alzheimer's unit must

be 21 years of age, and have:

(1) an associate's degree in nursing or health care management;

(2) a bachelor's degree in psychology, gerontology, nursing, or a related field; or

(3) proof of graduation from [...]

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What do I do to maintain AL managers status? What CEUs do I need?

The regulations require AL managers to have 12 hours of Continuing Education Units every year. Below is the regulation. You must have a least two of the listed categories (see below). There are no requirements on where you get these CEUs. TALA offers a yearly conference that provides all the needed CEUs in the month of April. Additionally, HHSC requires you to take a yearly course from them on aging in place and retaliation.

553.253 Employee Qualifications and Training

(a) Manager qualifications. Each [...]

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How do I get my Assisted Living Manager’s license or certification?

Texas does not license or certify Assisted Living managers. Texas requires all Assisted Living managers to have a 24-hour course withing their first year of employment. Proof of completion must be maintained in the AL manager’s personnel file at the community. The 24 hours is broken down into 8 hours of Texas Regulations and 16 hours of administrative overview. The Regs portion must be taken before you start or within 90 days of your start date. The administrative overview course must be taken [...]

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Keynote Session Sponsored by:

Closing Keynote Session Sponsored by:

Carmen Tilton

Carmen Tilton, VP of Public Policy, oversees legislative and regulatory affairs. She represents TALA with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and is a leading voice at the Texas Capitol. She joined TALA in February 2020 after two years as a Senior Executive Policy Advisor for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and five years [...]

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Manager’s Sessions

Manager’s Sessions

Marketing: Chastiti Horne – “Social Media Marketing and Staying within the Legal Boundaries”

Social Media Ethics will give guidelines for using social media as part of your marketing and communications strategy, while ensuring appropriate use to prevent and mitigate facility-damaging postings.

Leadership: Chantelle Julian – “Leadership: Are you IN?”

This session on Leadership is designed to encourage those of us who are in a position of authority to understand the significance of our leadership style and how that impacts those we are engaged to serve through leadership. This session [...]

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Nursing and Manager’s Sessions

Nursing and Manager’s Sessions

Keynote Address: Dave Davlin - “The Game Winning 3” Making it Count…In Business and Life

Success can be defined in its simplest form as making life better for someone else. Whether it comes in creating a better product, helping to relieve someone’s stress or pain, bringing someone laughter or joy or helping someone get more out of their life, success is always about serving.

This being the case, the key to success in any business lies not only in the development of great products [...]

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Nursing Sessions

Nursing Session Descriptions:

Nursing: Hollie Glover: “Ambiguous Grief”

Ambiguous grief (AG) is a different kind of grief than you may be familiar with. It is the feeling experienced from the loss of a loved one who is still living, This session will touch on how the Pandemic made us experience ambiguous grief.

Nursing: Jaime Cobb- “Innovations in Dementia Education”

Dementia Innovations’ mission is to embrace those living with dementia through its core pillars: Education, Community Collaboration and Dignity of Risk Lifestyle Education Dementia Innovations is committed to sustainable [...]

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