Manager’s Sessions

Marketing: Chastiti Horne – “Social Media Marketing and Staying within the Legal Boundaries”

Social Media Ethics will give guidelines for using social media as part of your marketing and communications strategy, while ensuring appropriate use to prevent and mitigate facility-damaging postings.

Leadership: Chantelle Julian – “Leadership: Are you IN?”

This session on Leadership is designed to encourage those of us who are in a position of authority to understand the significance of our leadership style and how that impacts those we are engaged to serve through leadership. This session will focus on providing leadership with Integrity, Inspiration, and Investment; and the keys of Introducing Process and Investigating the Outcome of Specific Project Leadership.

Panel: Greg Roderick, Shawn Corzine, Barbara Dickens - “Finding the Gems”

Discussion on the bright side of such a challenging year.

Leadership: Stephen Popovich – “New Technology and How it Helps Increase Revenue, Lower Costs and Mitigate Risk”

Technology has not served Assisted Living facilities well in the past, it has been hard to separate the useful tech from the difficult. However, the pandemic has elevated the need for technology in Assisted Living facilities and much has changed in today’s technology. This session will explore the latest technological innovations, and how they can be applied to be useful and promote user adoption amongst staff, residents, and families. Special emphasis will be placed on how useful technology can inform and provide actionable information that can increase revenue, lower costs and mitigate risks.

Plenary Session: Paul Williams – “Argentum Update”

Argentum will give a update on Global issues, and where the Senior Living Industry is headed as a whole.

Plenary Session: Closing Keynote Dr. Michael Krol – Lessons Learned During COVID-19 and How they Help Prepare us for the Future.

Dr. Michael Krol, Medical Director of one of Texas's first COVID-19 isolation nursing facilities and Deputy of the Austin Public Health Nursing Home Task Force, reflects on lessons learned during the pandemic. Dr. Krol’s first-hand experiences on the front lines of fighting this virus inform his analysis of the challenges in responding to COVID-19 in long-term care settings, his assessment of the need to educate the public and broader healthcare system on the unique nature and capabilities of Assisted Living facilities, and his recommendations for how we all can better prepare for future outbreaks.