Nursing Session Descriptions:

Nursing: Hollie Glover: “Ambiguous Grief”

Ambiguous grief (AG) is a different kind of grief than you may be familiar with. It is the feeling experienced from the loss of a loved one who is still living, This session will touch on how the Pandemic made us experience ambiguous grief.

Nursing: Jaime Cobb- “Innovations in Dementia Education”

Dementia Innovations’ mission is to embrace those living with dementia through its core pillars: Education, Community Collaboration and Dignity of Risk Lifestyle Education Dementia Innovations is committed to sustainable education solutions to better support multiple disciplines that strive to improve the care of those with dementia.

Nursing: Gail Snider – “Virtual Activities Programs”

This session will showcase Dementia Friendly Fort Worth’s virtual activity program, “Activities for People Living with Dementia” and emphasize how these live and pre-recorded programs can be used in the residential care setting to provide activities around the clock. Session will also provide insight into how these types of programs can help to combat social isolation, depression, and an overall decline in cognitive function. Special attention will be given to the positive impact on persons living with dementia and their care partners. Session will include discussion on the role that collaborations and partnerships played in the development of these programs.

Nursing: Hollie Glover – “Depression vs. Dementia: Differentiate Before You Label”

A session on the difference between Depression and Dementia and how Depression can lead to Dementia.

Nursing: Linda Abel – “Ensuring a Human Rights Approach to Persons Living with Dementia”

This talk looks at the broader emphasis on advocacy, legislation, and care as it is now being emphasized as part of the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Disabled.

Nursing: Constanza Pierre – “Infection Control in the Post – COVID-19 Era”

How we have changed our processes and procedures Post-Covid in infection control.

Nursing: Misty Miller- “Disaster Preparedness Concerns for Nurses”

What Nurses are still facing in light of the disaster preparedness of COVID, and other disasters which we may face.

Panel: Gwen Wilburn, Misty Miller, Rose Saenz – Infection Control and Disaster Preparedness.

Panel discussion of what we learned Post-Covid in both infection control and disaster preparedness.