Survey results share insights into the future path of recruiting

The Future of Recruiting TALA Workforce Development Committee workgroup was tasked with surveying senior living professionals to compile a list of best recruitment platforms used in today’s environment along with best applicant engagement practices. 

A survey was completed in July of 2021 with 78 senior living professional respondents. The survey revealed insights into the future path of recruiting.

Over 80% of companies who responded are using job boards, such as Indeed, as their primary source of recruiting, with social media advertising as a close second at 70%. Almost all report increasing the use of both job boards and social media to help boost applicant traffic over the past 18 months. Other efforts, at 10% or less, include promoting internal staff referrals, recruiting at educational institutions and involvement with workforce solutions groups.

Even with this added investment to attract candidates, the results are less effective than in the previous 18 months. One survey comment noted good responses on Craigslist and Facebook postings. However, “candidates were not willing to work.” Other respondents noted virtual job fairs over the last 6 months were less effective.

Other efforts shared, which were more effective, were staff referrals, sign-on bonuses and Facebook boosted post.

Going forward, survey respondents noted plans to increase pay and benefits, offer sign-on bonuses for hard to fill positions, and/or promote internal growth and development.

The survey results prompted the committee to further expand on this topic with a Part 2 edition focused on the use of technology. 

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Special Thank You to committee members and contributing authors Doug Tutt with HCareers; Felecia D. Wells with Elmcroft, and Kimberley Varley with Retirement Center Management