TALA members have been busy this summer, keeping residents engaged in activities and offerings while beating the heat. While the heat has limited time spent outdoors, it has led to creative themed solutions that still capitalize on the summer season.

At Legend of Fort Worth, 2023 TALA Hero Activity Director winner Andrea Loman has put together a myriad of summer-themed life enrichment. Residents took time to make customized, intricate door signs for their front doors. Loman also keeps residents physically active, despite the outside temperatures, and has put on an indoor seated volleyball tournament. On a rare cooler day, residents ventured outside where Loman and her team created a senior-friendly water slide: a resident seated on an inner tube was pulled by staff along a wet tarp through a spraying hose. What a great way to beat the heat!

Shall we go to the hop? At the Wood Glen Court, an Aspenwood community, 2021 TALA Hero Activity Director winner Dolores Gay ordered-up a sock hop for residents featuring 1950s-era music and sweet treats. Being extra mindful of hydration, Gay created a hydration station for residents and keeps reminding them to drink water. Gay has also has recently put on a tea tasting, a blood drive, helped residents celebrate national tattoo day, and shark awareness day. Residents also enjoy a regularly scheduled event called Satin Hands, a spa day for the hands featuring exfoliation, massaging, and hot towels. Coming up next at the Wood Glen: a watermelon encounter featuring different kinds of watermelon to sample and a special homemade watermelon drink. Sounds like a refreshing way to beat the heat!

While the high temperatures show no signs of abating any time soon, the summer fun continues in inventive ways.