Insights from Recent TALAHour: Successful Integration of Independent Living into Assisted Living, with Pi Architects and Civitas Senior Living

Senior living is much more complex, varied, and creative than ever, and residents and their families expect diverse and numerous amenities. Innovation and flexibility are keys to thriving in this evolving market, and both come into play with the successful integration of independent living into assisted living, the topic of a recent TALAHour webinar hosted by Misty Powell, Chief Program Officer/Co-Founder of Civitas Senior Living, and Greg Hunteman, President of Pi Architects. The two hosts, both TALA members and frequent collaborators on several projects, [...]

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August TALAHour – An Insurance Perspective: Workplace Safety Topics in Assisted Living

Do you have questions about respiratory protection programs? Or have resident transfers led to insurance claims?  This presentation will cover practical solutions to address two important safety topics in senior living: 1) respiratory protection, and 2) resident mobility procedures.

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TALAHour: Securing Data: Why Healthcare Facilities are a Prime Target for Hackers

Healthcare is one of the top industries experiencing security breaches by hackers. This session will help attendees understand how to protect against, prevent, and react to cyber security breaches.

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