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Loree Tamayo Consulting and Management is based out of the Austin, Texas area, and has clients throughout Texas. Many of our clients are in rural areas or are part of smaller organizations that lack the resources or personnel to manage the variety of tasks and expertise required to open or operate a successful facility or agency.

State Survey Preparation Program Summary

This seminar will enable assisted living facility management to prepare for survey and implement a program to remain prepared. The elements and tools for an effective mock survey will be reviewed to include checklists for dietary, nursing, pharmacy, personnel, and environmental services. We will also review various methods to conduct a mock survey to ensure effectiveness. Frequently found deficiencies will be discussed as well as programs or solutions to avoid them.

Fee:  One Session:  Member $ 35/ Non-Member $45

Both Sessions (includes Medication Administration seminar in the afternoon):  Member $ 65/ Non-Member $75

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