Learn more about the regulations that govern assisted living in the state of Texas.

Emergency Preparation and TALA Member Benefits

A benefit that long-term care communities have in Texas is the ability to be registered for priority power restoration following a loss of power. Under Texas Utilities Code 38.072, Assisted Living communities and other types of long-term care have the same status as priority power restoration that a hospital has.

However, to be considered for priority power restoration, an Assisted Living community, including smaller-sized four or five-bedroom homes, must be listed as either a commercial or business customers with their utility providers.

Assisted Living communities (ALs) in [...]

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The 88th Legislative Session by the Numbers

If you’ve been following political news in the Lone Star State, then you are aware that the 88th Legislative Session has concluded. It was a wild one to be sure. The House expelled a sitting colleague, Representative Bryan Slaton. The Texas House sent articles of Impeachment for the Texas Attorney General to the Texas Senate for that chamber’s consideration, and the Governor called members back for a special session a mere three hours after the regular session concluded.

Legislators filed more bills this session [...]

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