Today’s job market is forcing Senior Living operators to rethink response times to applicants. Is the answer in senior living sales strategies?

2021 presented the industry with the most challenging recruitment environment in the history of assisted living. Providers have adapted to pandemic level staffing as if it is a new normal. 

The hopes of workers returning to pre pandemic times, which was not so great before, is long gone. The Great Resignation has affected senior living as many workers have stopped working for various reasons shrinking the applicant pool even more. So, the race begins to attract job candidates and capture their attention QUICKLY before they move onto the next organization down the street competing for that same candidate. 

Should the industry approach job candidates in the same manner as with prospective residents?? 

Statistics indicate, YES! Those who respond quickly - within minutes to a few hours, have a much better chance of converting the job seeker into an applicant and potentially to an employee.  

Now may be the best time to revisit response times to job candidates and be FIRST at the finish line.