What support is available and how can leaders spread the word to staff?

The December TALA Hour sponsored by Marsh & McLennan Agency highlighted the importance of identifying indicators of stress and the toll it takes on us all. Leaders feel stress too! is a topic to help leaders recognize the need for self care while also identifying signs of burnout in others. 

Guest speaker Glenna Hecht, an accomplished speaker, trainer and certified HR Guru, points out the far too often reality where leaders are simply not aware of what benefits already exist in organizations such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s). As an HR professional, Glenna attests to the fact, use of these benefits are strictly confidential. Organizations are not aware of who uses the benefits therefore reducing the stigma that may lead to reluctance in accessing programs.

Furthermore, Glenna talks through best practices for opening the lines of communication with team members by increasing the frequency in sharing where and how to access available benefits with all staff.

Guest speaker, Grace Lichtenstein, Psychotherapist with an MS in Counseling Psychology breaks down the signs and symptoms of distress seen within the workplace. Grace shares resources for leaders to help in approaching team members. She points out what TO say and what NOT to say. All great tips when working with a highly stretched and stressed staff.

If you missed the presentation, please take an hour for yourself and listen today. You will walk away with vital tips not only for your own self care, but for the care of your team.

Access the recorded TALA HOUR: Leaders Feel Stress Too HERE Passcode: 9C@HYhH* 

Special Thanks to Cory Yeager, Employee Health & Benefits Specialist with Marsh & McLennen Agency, LLC for pulling together guest speakers and experts:

  • Glenna Hecht, Founder of Humanistic Consulting at www.glennahecht.com and
  • Grace Lichtenstein, CuraLinc Healthcare at www.curalinc.com