Nursing Session Surveys


Day 1 Session Surveys:


Data Can be a Fundamental Tool to Empower Your Team and Yourself by Jackie Ramieri:


Respect and Transparency: Communicating with Family Caregivers by Jaime Cobb Tinsley:


Creating Successful Support Groups for Care Partners of Person's Living with Dementia by Hollie Glover:


Empowering Families and Caregivers: Navigating Senior Living with Expert Guidance by Nicole Will, Carrie Aalberts, Erin Thompson:


Person Centered Trauma Informed Care in Memory Care by Hollie Glover:


Best Practice Strategies in Senior Care: Nursing Claims and Liability by Arlene Luu:


Decoding RN Delegation and HMA’s with Pat Nixon, Stephanie Berman, Misty Miller, Brenda Calbow, Rose Saenz:


Day 2 Session Surveys:


Welcome and Opening Keynote Address- Resilience: Awareness, Perspective, Choice by Amy Dee:


TALA's Public Policy Update by Carmen Tilton and Jaime Capelo:


Heroes' Award Ceremony Presented by Diana Martinez:


Ditch the Two-Hour Incontinence Check: Let's Talk by Deanna Vigliotta:


Together We Can: Impact Suicide and Despair in Transitional Elderly by Kathleen Weissberg:


Senior to Senior Bullying: Exploring Impact on the Culture in Senior Living by Kathleen Weissberg:


Day 3 Session Surveys:

Leading with Courage Through Adversity: The Strength of Culture and Purpose by Loren Shook:


Closing Keynote Address- Breaking Through Barriers: Unleash Resilience, Determination and Growth for Unbounded Success by Johnny Quinn: