Most Seniors with Dementia Should be Weaned off Antipsychotics, Study Says

Previous research has linked antipsychotics with an in-creased risk of stroke and mortality in older adults, and a new study indicates that most seniors with dementia may be withdrawn from these medications without suffering any detrimental effects. Seniors with dementia are often prescribed antipsychotics to treat behavioral and psychological symptoms, However, there is very little evidence to support their efficacy, and they often lead to negative side effects in addition to health risks for seniors. Researchers from the Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group assessed [...]

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Top Ten Tips to Inject Hospitality Design

Background: This Policy Conversion Option allows a life insurance policy owner the ability to convert a life insurance policy into a Long Term Care Benefit Plan instead of abandoning their policy to qualify for Medicaid. The Conversion option extends the time a per-son remains private pay and delays their entry onto Medicaid. The Long Term Care Benefit Plan is a regulated, Medicaid qualified financial vehicle to help cover the costs of long term care. Policy owners/families, long-term care providers, State Medicaid programs and state tax [...]

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Under the Dome

TALA had a very successful session this year. TALA sponsored four pieces of legislation that we believe will be helpful to assisted living providers in Texas. Our Senate Continuing Resolution naming the first Tuesday in March as Assisted Living Awareness Day in Texas (for the next 10 years). HB 33, our Independent Dispute Resolution bill, leveling the playing field for providers entering the appeal process, HB 1971, our CARF pilot project bill, and HB 3729, the provisional licensing bill, have all been signed by the [...]

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June Update | TALA Executive Director

Friends; It seems like I was wearing a coat to work a week ago, and now the air conditioning is running all day! And speaking of hot, things have been very warm this legislative session. TALA has had a very busy and productive session. Check out our Under the Dome Report for details. We had great attendance at our Spring Conference in Houston in February with 80 assisted living professionals networking and 25 vendors visiting with every-one. The Executive Director Round Table held in con-junction [...]

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